Case Studies

Case Study #1

PLHS was contracted to advise a large Southern California Developer on how to design and build a modular home factory that would ultimately help them meet the housing delivery needs of over 2500 single family and multi-family units on a large golf resort property on the Mexico Peninsula.  The challenges that the developer faced were tight delivery deadlines, lack of skilled subcontracted labor, and the inability to build with wood due to the humid climate.  PLHS was able to solve all three of these problems by introducing a modular production concept that utilized steel construction and concrete floors.  PLHS presented the client with a modular home factory design required to meet all of their needs and the factory is currently in the development stage with their investment team.

Case Study #2

PLHS was contracted to advise a large Canadian Building Supply Company on how to design and build a modular home factory that would supply workforce housing.  The demand for the housing was high but the time schedule to produce the housing was short.  PLHS designed a state of the art 125,000 square foot factory with 22 work stations and provided training and a design for the factory fit out.  The plant has steadily ramped up production and has a viable, successful modular home business today.


Case Study #3

PLHS entered into an agreement to provide consulting services to a developer in Uzbekistan for a modular factory start up.  The client had the good fortune of landing a large government contract for housing but had no real way to produce the housing in the time frame required.  The client had an existing plant facility and tasked PLHS with finding a way to convert this existing building into a successful modular home production line.  PLHS successfully designed and specified a production line with the machinery, tools and equipment fit-out that essentially converted a vacant warehouse into a fully functioning modular home production facility.  PLHS trained the management team and performed on-site training for all of the plant workers and the plant is now fully functioning producing several modules per week.  The is the first modular home producer of this magnitude in Uzbekistan and the client is already planning on building their own state of the art factory from the ground up with PLHS.  PLHS will provide on-going maintenance consulting services as part of a multi-year contract  to ensure that the factory stays on the path of success and continues to improve and become as efficient as possible.

Case Study #4

When a large company in Kazakhstan needed to produce 2500 high quality houses in a tight time frame, they contracted PLHS to help them design and build a modular home factory from the ground up.  PLHS successfully designed this factory, helped the client procure a steel design company in the States, and the building is now erected and is scheduled to start producing in early 2012.  PLHS will provide all of the training services and on-going consulting maintenance services to ensure a smooth start up and transformation into one the highest producing modular factories in Kazakhstan.